PP Arabia Oct-Dec 2022


Another year ends.. and a new one begins. The expectations from a fresh new year are so different since the pandemic. There’s this feeling of gratitude to actually have the good fortune of being able to explore another year. Another year, that would be richer with newer experiences and for those of us who love fragrances, that means also newer olfactory experiences.

In this issue, we discuss the differences between ‘notes’ and ‘accords’ in ‘Let’s Talk Scents’, followed by a feature on the different types or rather concentrations of perfumes in ‘Back To Basics’. In ‘Escentia’, we have Eurofragance’s Olaf Larsen, the Perfumer of the Year in 2021 at BeautyWorld, describing to us his love for Ambergris and some more.  and in ‘True Essence’ we explore the various projects by Iberchem that synthesise Art and Fragrance. In the events coverage we feature CPL Aromas at Beautyworld and then Beautyworld, the event itself.

This is, as usual, followed by Scent Affairs, StarScent and ReScent for the latest happenings in the fragrance world.

Wishing each one of you a richer and even more beautiful 2023!

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