When Art Meets Fragrance…

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When Art Meets Fragrance…

Iberchem has partnered with various artists and contemporaries to develop some innovative fragrance concepts…

In this issue, we take a look at what shaped some of these projects and their outcomes… On the occasion of the 2022 edition of Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai, fragrance house Iberchem presented “Fusion: Artistic Synthesis” a new olfactory concept combining the disciplines of perfumery and painting. To do so, Iberchem counted on the participation of award-winning artist Sonu Sultania, who offered a live performance during the show.

The artworks created by Sonu during the show are currently being auctioned to charity. All profits will be donated to S.O.S. Children villages Spain, which Iberchem has been supporting for many years. More info about the auction can be found on the company’s social media pages or on the Nasij website, an online platform for emerging artists in the UAE.

“Artistic synthesis consists in the uniting of different art forms into an artistic whole,” said Ana Gomez, Perfumer at Iberchem Middle East. “There is much to learn and explore at every crossroads created by the mix of perfumery and other artistic disciplines. They represent unique occasions to lift the creativity of perfumers. We often try to illustrate a scent with words and analogies, but it was the first time that one of my fragrances was described using art. And the result did not disappoint.”

Iberchem is well-known for mixing perfumery with other art forms. Over the past years, its team has explored the links and synergies between perfumery and different disciplines such as cinema, music, photography, visual arts, and even food.

When fragrances meet music, photography, and many other art forms

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In 2018, Iberchem announced the first of many such partnerships with the contemporary artist Nasevo for the multisensorial exhibition “Nasevo, The Man Who Confounds Colours And Odours”. After touring in Barcelona and Miami, the exhibition was presented in Murcia’s Royal Casino.

Inspired by the shapes, colours, and textures of Nasevo’s work, the perfumers of Iberchem have developed exclusive fragrances to accompany ten of the artworks on display.

In another collaboration with photographer María Fuentes, Iberchem team has explored the links and similitudes between perfumery and photography.

Through a series of work sessions, the perfumers of Iberchem worked on a new way to tell a story through scents. From these encounters was born “Seaside”, a new project contributing to Iberchem’s continuous mission to explore the link between art and fragrances.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, the Iberchem Group is committed to carry out concrete actions to support the development of art and culture. In 2019, Iberchem collaborated with the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia (OSRM) to promote the cultural asset that is classical music and contribute to its general diffusion among the population. This was done through a concert called - Notes & Accords, promoted as a unique multisensory experience and performed at the Romea Theatre of Murcia.

Eight fragrances were presented during the event in special sample packs to each visitor. Each fragrance was connected with the music played during the concert.

All proceeds from this event were also donated to SOS Children’s Villages to support their mission to help children in vulnerable situations all over the world.

The olfactory concert: A Multisensorial Journey Across the World

As the host country, Spain opened the concert with two songs that transmit the energy and passion of Spanish culture. Jota de “El sombrero de tres picos” by Manuel de Falla and Intermedio de la Zarzuela “La boda de Luis Alonso” by Gerónimo Giménez.

The fragrance connected with the songs was composed by head perfumer Luz Vaquero. The composition celebrates the beauty of the orange flower, lemon, and night-blooming jasmine.

For China, Obertura del Festival de Primavera / Spring Festival Overture by Li Huan-Zhi, a popular folk song typical of the Chinese New Year (also known as Spring Festival) was chosen.

The fragrance composed to illustrate the song is a creation of perfumer Rebecca Bi, who achieved a reflection of winter fading into the first blooming flowers as spring arrives. The composition brings a harmony of peony flowers, lotus, and raindrops.

India was represented with Jai Ho. B.S.O / OST Slumdog Millionaire by A. R. Rahman, the theme song from the Oscar-winning movie, Slumdog Millionaire. Jai-ho means “Let the victory prevail.”

The fragrance was created by perfumer Ana Gomez, who chose the notes of cinnamon, black pepper, and sandalwood for the composition.

For the United Arab Emirates, Iberchem chose the song Bint Al-Shalabia Mulla Uthman Al-Mawsili. The title of this masterpiece means “beautiful girl.” It is a traditional melody from the Middle East which was later popularized by Lebanese singer Fairuz.

Perfumer Maria Ángeles Santiago portrayed the mystery, darkness, and sensuality with the notes of leather, myrrh, and olibanum in her creation.

At the end of the event, Iberchem surprised all of the visitors with the scent of orange blossom, which filled the Romea Theatre with its irresistible smell, creating a special atmosphere for all of the senses.

What is next?

Iberchem is constantly on the lookout to create new and exciting olfactory experiences. Those are often created on the occasion of tradeshows such as In-Cosmetics or Beautyworld Middle East. Readers who are interesting in learning more about Iberchem and its variety of olfactory concepts can do so by following Iberchem on LinkedIn or at www.iberchem.com

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