Divya Gugnani Launches Perfume With ‘Self-Expression’ At Its Heart

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Divya Gugnani Launches Perfume With ‘Self-Expression’ At Its Heart

Divya Gugnani, the veteran entrepreneur and investor has developed a fragrance brand with five products.

From her purview across different sectors of the industry, Gugnani posited that fragrance was the last remaining category in beauty ripe for a shake-up. “The beauty market has been disrupted in hair, in skin, in color. Fragrance hasn’t been disrupted — it is dominated by luxury fashion houses and a few small indie brands,” she said. “I am self-expressing every moment, my mood is changing, my life is changing, and with the ultimate self expression in fashion and beauty, I wanted to progress to basically putting my mood in a bottle.”

The brand is also a reaction to post-pandemic consumer behaviors. As self-expression became a key driver of fragrance purchases, Gugnani hope to tap into that emotionality with 5 Sens’ brand ethos. “The real power behind it is the self-expression — today, everyone is expressing themselves via fashion, via what they wear, their accessories, their beauty and makeup.”

To that end, the five fragrances feature names like Life of the Party, Catch Feelings, Burn for You, Lit and Twin Flame

Puig Launches WikiPedia Of Fragrances

Puig just launched an invaluable resource for fragrance enthusiasts everywhere. The Spanish luxury conglomerate announced WikiParfum, an online scent encyclopedia.

WikiParfum is accompanied in-store by a new mobile application and by AirParfum, technology letting people experience successive scents without olfactive fatigue.

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“The starting point is trying to solve one of the main barriers our category has, which we call the paradox of choice,” explained Camila Tomas, vice president of innovation and technology at Puig, the Spanish fragrance and fashion company, adding there is a lack of common vocabulary in the perfume industry. “Consumers sometimes feel overwhelmed, so the miss rate is really high. Technologies we have developed solve that issue.”

WikiParfum, the 2.0 version that rolled out just before summer, is accessible online, through wikiparfum.com, and via the new mobile application. The platform today includes about 19,600 scents. It allows people virtually to discover what a scent smells like. WikiParfum has a “scent visualizer,” letting people “see” fragrance. That’s because users can draw from a database with 1,400 photographs of raw olfactive materials used in perfumery.

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