TechnicoFlor’s Metaverse-Inspired Collection Of Fragrances

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TechnicoFlor’s Metaverse-Inspired Collection Of Fragrances

French fragrance compounder TechnicoFlor supplies the biggest names in Perfumery, Cosmetics, and Hygiene. The Metaverse is inconceivably rich and supports the virtual creation and sourcing of fashion items, accessories, and materials.

TehnicoFlor’s METAVERSE collection is signed by Jérémy Sabater, Bertrand Duchaufour, Bérengère Bourgarel, Christine Lucas, Marika Symard, Félix Deschamps, Romain Keller, and Irène Farmachidi.

Glimpse of the scents:

A.I. WORLD (Romain Keller): Strongly characterized by its woody animal notes, this perfume is brilliantly multi-faceted with red fruit notes to evoke a world under digital governance vitally challenged by natural forces

PARALLEL UNIVERSE (Bérengère Bourgarel): Woody oriental and appetizing comfort notes, infinitely tranquilizing, wafting us into a richly imaginative and secure alternative reality

CALL OF BEAUTY (Marika Symard): Neo-World interpretation of Beauty whose DNA is the spiraling chain of floral iris harmonies interspersed with scattered sacred spicy notes

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CYBERHIGH (Irène Farmachidi): from a Matrix of deeply rooted wood, cinnamon and cardamon, a sillage of long-lasting yet poignantly evanescent smoky notes.

UTOPIA OVERDOSE (Bertrand Duchaufour): Plunge into a brilliantly colored fantastic/fantasy universe overbrimming with sweetly fruity gourmand notes which are stunningly bedecked with the most precious of flowery essences.

NEO AVATAR (Félix Deschamps): Imaginary world of an avatar entangled in the scents of a virtual jungle, treading amber underfoot whilst ensnared by clinging neo-citrus and sacred woody notes.

ROBOT KISS (Christine Lucas): A kiss of metallic pink triggers climactically explosive flowery notes giving way to the lasting after-passion of relaxed red fruit.

NFT (Jérémy Sabater): Precious assembly of ultra-rich notes melding into a unique combination of seductive woody harmonies intermingled with and distanced from gentle spicy caresses.

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