KILIAN Perfumes For Its Boutiques Around The World

Currently a total of six ‘Boutique Exclusives’ scents available, representing the cities of New York, Moscow, London, Lugano, Doha and Mayfair

For each KILIAN boutique around the world, a signature scent has been created as an olfactive embodiment of each store’s location. There are currently a total of six ‘Boutique Exclusives’ scents available, representing the cities of New York, Moscow, London, Lugano and Doha. Each fragrance has a distinctive character and is built on short formulas with an overdose of natural ingredients. The Boutique Exclusives Collection, introduced in 2015 globally, will be exclusively available only in September at selected Paris Gallery stores in the UAE.

KILIAN-Apple-Brandy-(50ML)-AED-1400Apple Brandy by Kilian – New York

APPLE BRANDY is the code name for the perfume Kilian created as an homage to his family heritage, with a wink to New York! In order to recreate this very specific scent that is part of Kilian’s olfactive memory, Sidonie Lancesseur created an accord combining the smoked wood from the oak casks – cedarwood from Texas, white cedarwood from China and labdanum from Spain, vanilla and ambroxan.

Available in 50ml refillable spray AED 1,400


KILIAN-On-the-rocks-(50ML)-AED-1400On the Rocks by Kilian – Moscow

ON THE ROCKS was created for the opening of the KILIAN boutique in Crocus City Mall, Moscow. For this scent, KILIAN asked Sidonie Lancessseur to create the smell of a drink cooled by ice. Sidonie combined cold spices – coriander and cardamom – with aldehydes. The heart of the fragrance is a bitter accord of rhubarb mixed with clear floral notes of rose and lily of the valley. In the dry down, oakmoss, ambroxan and sandalwood bring out an iodised effect, yet comfortable and slightly leathery.

Available in 50ml refillable spray AED 1,400


KILIAN-Single-Malt-(50ML)-AED-1400Single Malt by Kilian – London

SINGLE MALT is an homage to London. The fragrance was created for the opening of the KILIAN boutique at HARRODS, in the Salon de Parfums. The top notes instantly evoke all the facets of the intense smell of this Single Malt tasted years ago. The heart of the fragrance balances between the golden reflection of wheat absolute and the gourmand yet sophisticated character of plum. The woodsy dry down of SINGLE MALT created by perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur, is composed of cedarwood essence from Texas enriched with the vanilla absolute from Madagascar and the tolu balm from Colombia, giving this fragrance an unconventional identity.

Available in 50ml refillable spray AED 1,400

Lemon in Zest by Kilian – Lugano


Kilian has created the very unique fragrance LEMON IN ZEST as a wink to Lugano’s Italian influences and the most emblematic, sour yet zesty Italian refreshing beverage. LEMON IN ZEST is a unique fresh harmony. The fragrance opens with the brightness of the mandarine and the zest of the lemon from Italy. The citrus opening is then warmed by the sensuality of vanilla from New Guinea and the syrupy facet of orange brandy. The drydown is reinforced by powerful notes of patchouli from Indonesia and vetiver from Haiti. The nose behind this fragrance is Alberto Morillas.

Available in 50ml refillable spray AED 1,400

KILIAN-Pearl-Oud-(50ML)-AED-1950Pearl Oud by Kilian – Doha

PEARL OUD was created for the opening of the KILIAN boutique in THE PEARL mall. This exclusive scent created by Christian Provenzano is an homage to Doha, its ancestral culture of the pearl and its magnificent mall where Kilian opened his first boutique in Qatar: THE PEARL. The fragrance opens with a cocktail of spices: saffron and black pepper. The exotic scent of ylang ylang gives to the fragrance a warm opening. The heart is a rich and opulent floral bouquet: jasmine absolute from India, rose absolute from Turkey, essence of rose of May from France and iris absolute from Italy. The fragrance then evolves into an intense, animalistic composition thanks to the oudh from India and the castoreum, giving the fragrance a unique personality.

Available in 50ml refillable spray AED 1,950

Royal Leather by Kilian – Mayfair

KILIAN_Royal-Leather-(50ML)-AED-1400ROYAL LEATHER was created for the opening of the KILIAN boutique in Mayfair, London. ROYAL LEATHER is an homage to the British heritage and a wink to the iconic British guard… The leathery smell is to remind their uniform, the strong woodsy notes, their strength, and the refined notes of heliotrope flower, their aristocratic style! The fragrance opens with a surprising mix of hawthorn and black tea, giving the scent a warm and deep opening. The heart of the fragrance is a perfect balance between the soft and powdery notes of heliotrope flower and the rich and animalic notes of leather. The fragrance then evolves into a woodsy composition with the oudh from Laos and the patchouli from Indonesia, giving the fragrance a dark yet intoxicating appeal. The nose behind this fragrance is Fabrice Pellegrin.

Available in 50ml refillable spray AED 1,400

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