Plethora Perfume Lounge Introduces Re Profumo

Re Profumo, the fragrance collection is a tale of passion, beauty and sophistication…

Plethora Perfume Lounge introduces Re Profumo, a tale of passion, beauty and sophistication. Created by fragrance maestro, Celso Fadelli, Re Profumo is a fine example of unmatched craftsmanship offered by Plethora.


Re Profumo is like a book in a bottle where the olfactory experience evolves through the pages and passes onto the skin. Each perfume appeals to a chapter of Re Profumo by Fulvio Fronzoni whose hero devotes his life to the study of perfumes and the search for the Divine Essence. Mystical, evasive plot of the romance brings to life six perfumes of Re Profumo collection.

Available exclusively at Plethora retail stores in The Dubai Mall, Al Ain Mall and Bawabat Al Sharq.

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