PP Arabia Jan-Mar 2024

Welcome to the first edition of 2024! With all the buzz about peach fuzz, we have an interesting take for you in Escentia. We delve into the allure of this delicate fuzz, exploring its symbolic significance, cultural influences, and unexpected impact on the world of beauty and fragrance.

Dive into Speaking Scents with renowned perfumer Julien Rasquinet, exploring global inspirations and deep emotions. Uncover the rise of natural fragrances, their benefits, and the role of certifications in sustainable beauty in Scent Trail. Experience the fragrant revolution in Sustainability and Ajmal Perfumes’ journey in Scentsation.

Discover the latest scents in ReScent and celebrity inspirations in StarScent. Stay updated with ScentAffair for fragrance world news.

Enjoy the aromatic journey ahead!

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