Eurofragance Adds An Innovative New Captive To Its Palette

Eurofragance has designed and manufactured fragrances for over 30 years and has launched a new captive: Euphorion

At the company’s headquarters in Barcelona, scientists at the Eurofragance Innovation Center develop olfactive technologies to create new fragrance ingredients – captives – for the Eurofragance palette.

Euphorion is the third captive ingredient for the Spanish multinational. Named to evoke a quintessential blend of joy, optimism and well-being, this new addition offers invigorating, uplifting and energising facets – a breath of fresh air!

Euphorion is a synthetic ingredient that takes the olfactive experience of freshness to surprising new levels. Exceptional in its ability to convey a sensation of natural freshness and a long-lasting sillage, Euphorion’s most remarkable attribute is a compelling green scent that confers a deep identity to fragrance formulas, even at minimal doses.


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