Henry Jacques

Henry Jacques : Half A Century Old Legacy

Parfums Henry Jacques embodies nearly half a century of excellence and creativity at the service of great perfumery

Henry Jacques perfumes breathe the very essence of their founder, Henry Cremona, a world traveller who drew on his childhood, wanderlust and dreams of faraway lands to feed his inexhaustible passion for perfumes. From his encounter with one of the last great noses of the old French perfume tradition, a perfume house was born, steeped in the family’s culture, a taste for absolute refinement, and an obsession for rarity and perfection.

Henry Jacques

The brand instinctively found its legitimacy in the universe of the discerning few. For decades, the atelier was solely dedicated to creation. Each request was a new perfume, a new memory to be revived, a lost emotion to be awakened. They discreetly worked in the shadows to satisfy the wishes of their clients. With each passing year, the number of creations kept growing under the charm of the rich artistic sphere surrounding the family. After many years of preparation, Henry Jacques recently opened to the public at a handful of outstanding venues custom-designed to showcase their singular collections.

The spectacular perfume organ houses a maze of a thousand scents. Pyramids of jewel-toned flasks, myriads of refined petals and crystallised resins transfigured into essential oils and natural absolutes. Sheltered from fad and fashion, this enchanted place safeguards a know-how enriched by the art of the great perfume composers, steeped in the traditions of Parfums Henry Jacques.

Henry Jacques

Henry Jacques perfumes are mainly composed of premium natural essences gleaned from all four corners of the world. Once brought to the crafting atelier, the most subtle of these are rigorously selected. Like great wines, the qualities of natural essences are as varied as the flowers from which they are extracted. The molecules take on a life of their own, interacting, changing and harmonising with each other until reaching a perfect balance.

Henry Jacques

Great perfumery derives from a meeting of memory and the senses, an alchemy of colours, textures and ideas. These endless correspondences balance until a unison is reached, until buried emotions are unearthed. A perfume should sublime a very personal nature rather than answer the general expectations. The perfumer, an artisan of shades, does not look for absolute radiance but strives to compose a testimony of human affect. Velvety rose; intoxicating tuberose; sunny lavender; sumptuous jasmine; soft, sensual, heady musk; subtle, hot, marine ambergris – this is but a glimpse of the palette of essences making up the enchanted universe of fragrance.


À Composer 
For one glorious century, kings and citizens reached a pinnacle of refinement, opulence, and craftsmanship that are all but lost. Perfume embodied the most precious and intimate of adornments. A personal perfume collection was no less important to refined society than an elegant wardrobe. Like thoughtfully chosen attire rising to each occasion, perfume’s every note was weighed, all nuances arranged to pen a personal story and express moods with finesse. Perfume was more than apparel. Furnishing apartments with perfume chests was also a token of noble taste. Henry Jacques is reviving this day-to-day grandeur and poetry through its collection of accessories À Composer.

Henry Jacques

The chests have been designed to elegantly hold ten or fifteen crystal bottles from the Classiques line.  Taking the time to choose from a range of essences and colours is still a unique pleasure – the rare pleasure of composing a perfume mosaic just your own, truly you. With the wide choice of fragrances offered by Henry Jacques fragrances, embarking on this journey is sure to yield the most beautiful expression of your personality.

Every art has its quintessence, a form in which no doubt is left
as whether it could be more charming, hold a stronger attraction
over one’s heart. Henry Jacques is all about perfume; fragrances that reflect the many facets of our souls and shape the way we will be remembered. Perfume, being so delicate, needs to be treated with the noblest care. Hence, very early on, Henry Jacques has also been on a quest for flacons worthy of holding the precious essences.

What else could you offer to the most beautiful woman than the most beautiful dress? This complex craftsmanship of matching crystal and fragrances has become intrinsic to Henry Jacques’s work and gave birth to what we believe is a true form of art: the conception of masterful perfume icons, fragrances that cannot be complete without their chrysalises, reaching through this mystic dependence, an unmatched emotional dimension. Each Masterpiece is a story, an olfactive portrait.

Henry Jacques’ expertise and know-how resides first and foremost in the creation of bespoke perfumes. Much like a Haute Couture House, Henry Jacques’ history comprises of fragrances composed and tailored to individuals; bringing to life thousands of exceptionally personal, olfactory dreams.

Henry Jacques

Far from a simple blend or adjustment, to Henry Jacques a bespoke perfume means a true and unique creation, a search that leads to something previously undiscovered. In this process, the use of premium natural components is essential; they enable the creators to reach the depth and nuances necessary to rightly portray the desires of their clients. Indeed, having your very own perfume, a unique trail left behind your steps, a symbol of your identity and expression of your soul, is something truly special.

The adventure begins with a consultation with an initiate, one that has developed a sensitivity for beautiful perfumery and wishes to bring their passion to another level. Usually held in one of the boutiques, the consultation takes the person through a maze of scents where the map of their tastes and emotions is drawn. Decades of experience shape the dialogue with their clients; the team’s sensitivity to listening and understanding the desires of their clients is fundamental to their creative process.

Once your dream perfume has come to life, they define its name, the way to adapt it to your lifestyle: in what forms will you wear it and which accessories will accompany it. Such a rare creation deserves a worthy presentation and the bespoke perfumes are displayed in the highest quality chests, accessories and flacons of the range. Every perfume lover who accompanies Henry Jacques’ on a sur-mesure journey is forever part of its history, their exclusive fragrance will be safeguarded in their precious library.

Henry Jacques has consciously decided never to subject itself
to the constraints of conventional distribution. The scale and
pressure of the volumes involved are, on all points, incompatible
with genuine perfumery. Each of their own-brand boutiques took shape after months of reflection on their purpose and how they could best reflect their brand values. Then came the creative process. Christophe Tollemer treated each with utmost nobility, designing them as cocoons or havens where troubles melt away and the heart takes centre stage. Inspired by cabinets of curiosities, their elegance, comfort and discretion honour the Henry Jacques legacy. While the perfume organ takes a central place, the collections themselves are hidden from sight, waiting to be discovered.

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