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5 Ways To Make Your Fragrance Last Longer

Renowned fragrance reviewer, Steven Gavrielatos gives tips on how to make your fragrance linger a bit longer on you

From unscented lotion to Iso-E-Super, perfume lovers have been finding new (and sometimes unorthodox) ways to enhance the performance of their eau. The horrors of reformulations have created a bit more than paranoia among consumers, and one is left
convinced of an adulterated formula being the reason for lack of longevity. Truthfully, the reason for such may range from climate conditions to the dryness of one’s skin.

Luckily, ingenuity prevails as connoisseurs of scent invent ways to add a few more hours to their favourite fragrances’ lifespan.
One such way to improve the durability of your fragrance is to apply it to your clothes. According to a popular online seller of fragrance oils, an IFF ingredient named bicyclononalactone, is said to last for 400 hours on a blotter when it is concentrated at 100% strength whereas another ingredient, octacetal, also by the same manufacturer, won’t give you more than an hour’s longevity.

Steven Gavrielatos

Skin eats up the scent. Applying your fragrance to something that doesn’t naturally generate heat is sure to create a lingering aroma that can be enjoyed for hours on end. Just be mindful of the darkness of the juice since staining your clothes, doesn’t sound like a worthwhile compromise for a few more hours of smelling good. This crosses Nasomatto’s Black Afgano off our list.

Earlier, we spoke about the dryness of the skin is a possible culprit. Here, we turn to a part of the body that, for some, is perpetually oily: your hair! Applying a couple of sprays to your nape ( the back of the neck) will be enough to secure a few more hours of endurance. Not only that, but others will be ingratiated by your sillage wherever you go!

Steven Gavrielatos

As a bonus tip, spray the ends of your hair to create an aroma that is
awakened whenever you run your fingers through your flowing locks.

Very much like the concept of priming a wall before applying a topcoat, spraying the skin with Iso-E-Super prior to applying a layer of your favourite fragrance, is another technique found in the encyclopedia of fragrance longevity. Brands like Escentric Molecules have facilitated the process by bottling such an ingredient for a ready-to-spray experience with their fragrance Molecule 01. As the name implies this singular molecule is a bottom note that is often used to create a more durable base in an otherwise fleeting aroma.

Steven Gavrielatos

If you believe the rumours, the fragrance is also said to have a pheromone-like effect on those who smell it. Make sure you have an extra set of clothes handy in case something happens!

Finally, while it is mostly used for conditioning the skin, one must not
overlook the importance of lotioning the application spot before applying their favourite eau de toilette. The moisture of the lotion will do a better job of trapping the molecules of the perfume so that they last longer than they would sans the Lubriderm. Just make sure that the lotion you use is of an unscented variety so that its fragrance doesn’t clash with whatever you choose to spray on top of it.

All in all, one can see (or smell) the number of different ways to extend the longevity of their favourite fragrance. While there is no panacea for a lack of fragrance longevity, the use of one, or more, of the tricks in this article and accompanying video should help in getting a few more hours out of your lacklustre-performing fragrance. If everything else fails, carry around a decant of your scent of the day so that you may reapply after your lunch break. A few more sprays won’t break the
bank after all!


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