Gifting Oudhs? Let the expert guide you…

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Here are tips that you could use, from the master, Abdulla Ajmal himself

THERE ARE different kinds and forms of Oudh that one can opt for. It comes in varying flavors depending largely on its origin. Indian Quality Oudh and Oudh oil are preferred in this part of the world as the flavor it brings is unique and the aroma long lasting. Apart from the Indian quality, you can also select Combodi, Malaysian and Sri Lankan origin Oudh and Oudh oil. Of the qualities mentioned Sri Lankan is currently the most expensive when it comes to Oudh but for Oudh Oil, Indian quality matches it for price.

The key points to keep in mind when you pick Oudh as a gift
You have to ensure that you are buying from a reputable source. It is important to be able to trust the retailer that is providing you with the Oudh that you plan to gift to someone. The selection process is also very important. You must ask for a sampling of the product before you purchase. The sampling has to be done from the Oudh that you see in the counter. You can either select pieces or ask the sales person to select one for you. Sample the fragrance and if the end result is as desired make the purchase.

Oudhs to gift to that special someone
We have Oudh products that we sell in special boxes; Safwat Al Safwa is one such Oudh product which would be ideal. It is comprised of very high grade Sri Lankan Oudh pieces, each one with a magnificent fragrance that will enchant.

Oudhs for family and friends
For family and friends I recommend Agarwood Hindi Spl 2. The best quality of Indian agarwood is that it clings on to fabric really fast. You are able to capture the essence on your clothes in a matter of minutes.

Oudhs for business associates
For business associates, I recommend Indian Quality Agarwood. This is the quickest burning of all the origins but the fragrance catches on really fast and stays for a long time.

Western Perfumes with Oudh Notes
These fragrances are extremely popular at the moment as many people prefer using a lighter variant of Oudh. I like to call it the perfect storm, the magnificence of Oudh basking in the aura of other oriental ingredients like rose and amber. This type of fragrance falls in a category we call Mukhallat.

It is an excellent choice for someone looking to bask in oriental richness, without the overwhelming impact that and Oudh blend brings.

Things to avoid while gifting Oudh You need to take care as mentioned earlier, of where you purchase the product from. History and heritage of the retailer promise you consistency of the product at the right price. Also it is important to keep the end user in mind, if this product category is something that they are accustomed to. You have to remember the fragrance of Dahn Al Oudh is extremely potent, not for the masses.

Scent It like Abdullah Ajmal

Must have Oudh perfumes in the wardrobe Dahn Al Oudh Shams, the starting point of how I construct a fragrance on myself. Agarwood Hindi Special 3, for daily use, it is ideal. Dahn Al Oudh Moattaq Concentrates to add to the overall fragrance impact with its rich aura and a western fragrance on top to create my very own mukhallat.

Perfumes in my travel bag
I like to test our latest creations, so an Ajmal product is always on me no matter where I go. Apart from that I carry a few fragrant oils of natural origin, like Oudh and Amber to add a little flavor to the overall mix of my fragrance.

My Layering secrets
I don’t have a set formula; I experience all of our latest launches in isolation as well as mixed with other fragrances. It terms of fragrance categories, I usually mix Spray’s with fragrant concentrated perfume with Bukhoor / Incense. I have recently added the Ajmal Dahn Al Oudh Bath series to the mix, with wonderful results.

Caring for Oudh
For Oudh you need to store it in a cool and dry place, moisture doesn’t work well with Oudh. For Dahn Al Oudh, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight; otherwise it is much more durable.

The best Oudh Gift I have received
When I was a little boy, my grandfather made a chain for me with a piece of Oudh as the center ornament. I grew up chewing on that and now can proudly say, Oudh is in my blood.

My Signature Perfume
The next new launch of Ajmal mixed with Dahn Al Oudh and Incense. I like to create a new flavor from time to time. The signature in my fragrance remains the Dahn Al Oudh that I use, an Ajmal family exclusive.

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