Ajmal’s Aristocratic Affair

Introducing Aristocrat Coral and Coastal Scents

Ajmal Perfumes revealed two new scents, Aristocrat Coral and Coastal, inspired by the Maldives, blending tradition with modern allure. Aristocrat, a top seller, symbolises India’s regal heritage.

Coral captures femininity with peach and osmanthus, while Coastal bursts with grapefruit and basil, embodying the ocean’s wild spirit. CEO Abdulla Ajmal revealed the perfumes amidst a grand event at Al Umm Al Quwain Beach Hotel and Resorts – Lumi Beach, featuring a fireworks display and captivating performances.

Abdulla Ajmal emphasised the scents’ narrative and the brand’s dedication to excellence. The launch showcased Ajmal Perfumes as an industry innovator, crafting experiences beyond the bottle. Aristocrat Coral and Coastal signify luxury and timelessness, reflecting Ajmal’s commitment to creating memorable fragrances that transcend trends.

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