Scentmate By Dsm-Firmenich Debuts Edible, Biodegradable Fragrances

Scentmate by dsm-firmenich introduces the world’s first edible and biodegradable fragrances, inspired by Tenerife. Developed in collaboration with chef Diego Schattenhofer, the perfumes, El Pinar and Medianías de las Islas, are 100% natural and utilise Emotions fragrance technology to evoke specific feelings like energy, happiness, and relaxation.

These fragrances incorporate ingredients approved for food use, reflecting the island’s diverse flora and agricultural produce. Alfonso Álvarez-Prieto, Scentmate’s GM, expresses delight in collaborating with Schattenhofer and drawing inspiration from Tenerife. Marie Hugentobler, the creative director, highlights the use of high-quality natural ingredients to create bespoke fragrances that capture the essence of each dish.

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