L’Oréal Masters Fragrance With Art And Science Showcase

Refillable perfume bottles, bio-sourced ingredients and storytelling are parts of the mix

L’Oréal showcased its expertise in fragrance creation through “The Art & Science of Fragrance” event, emphasising the fusion of creativity and scientific innovation. The series delves into the intricate process: from sourcing unique ingredients influenced by terroir to pioneering green sciences for sustainability. 

Collaborative development ensures each perfume resonates with its brand’s identity, supported by L’Oréal’s “Scent Science & Fragrance Design” team. Notably, the focus extends to crafting lasting, sustainable perfume bottles, exemplified by Prada Paradoxe’s refillable design. This approach underscores L’Oréal’s commitment to marrying artistry with environmental consciousness, marking its continued leadership in fine fragrance creation.


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