Givaudan Introduces Microbiome-Focused Fragrance Tech

Givaudan has introduced what is said to be the world’s first microbiome-centered fragrance technology platform—Z-biome. The platform features two fragrance design tools—Z‑biome and Z‑biome Deo. 

Z‑biome: The fragrance design tool is said to allow perfumers to craft microbiome-friendly scents that are especially gentle on the skin’s microflora. It can be used to formulate personal care applications.

Z‑biome Deo (for microbiome-friendly and deodorizing fragrances): Based on more than 30 years of expertise in malodor counteraction research, this technology is designed to effectively combat sweat malodor while respecting the natural perspiration process. 

According to the company, developing the Z‑biome fragrance technologies involved years of multi-disciplinary research testing many different perfumery ingredients to measure their impact on the skin’s most common bacteria population. Following the research, Givaudan’s team of perfumers then built on the findings.

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