Fifth Asian Offering From Kilian

The Paris Gallery becomes a witness to the launch of Sacred Wood by Kilian, the fifth addition to its Asian Tales Collection

Kilian Sacred Wood -Travel Pack
Kilian Sacred Wood -Travel Pack

Perfumer Calice Becker has created an olfactive impression of authentic sandalwood from Mysore in this latest fragrance from Kilian.  Sacred Wood pays homage to old Indian mystical beliefs. This fragrance is inspired by the Indian tale of Savitri and Satyavan, two lovers living in a mystic forest.

For those not in the know-how, this ancient tale stars Savitri, who learned from a mystic sage that her husband Satyavan was to die in one year. Three days before the event, she took a vow of fasting and stood vigil at the foot of a nearby sacred tree. When death came to take her husband’s soul, she insisted to accompany. To prevent her from doing so, death offered to grant her any wish with the exception of saving her husband’s life. Savitri pleaded relentlessly, and finally, with much perseverance, her wish was granted. Her husband was saved, and her family was blessed with happiness and good fortune .

In India, the extraction of Indian sandalwood (Santalum album) has been practiced in perfumery for centuries. However, this popularity has led to its over-exploitation, to the extent that the use of its oil in perfumery is now prohibited.

Kilian has endeavoured to reconstitute the essence of this scent, which has an important footprint in our olfactive heritage. As a result, what you get in Sacred Wood is a recreation the sensuality of this essential oil through steaming milk accents, polished woods and hot spices.

Sacred Wood is available in a 50ml refillable spray priced at AED 1,065 . There is a 50ml refill too at AED 525, while those on the move may love the 30ml refillable travel spray for AED 635.


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