Beyoncé Rise, The New Ascent Of Woman

The new Rise collection is inspired by a woman’s resilient spirit and graceful femininity

Beyonce Rise  - AED 265
Beyonce Rise – AED 265

A woman’s power comes from within and when she connects with her very essence, she revels in her individuality, her strength, and her beauty. And that is exactly the inspiration behind the new Beyoncé Rise.

This exciting new scent saw Beyoncé partnering with Loc Dong, a perfumer at IFF. The result was a melodic melange of accords that leave a lasting impression and incorporate her favourite flower, orchid.

It was when Dong encountered the Gold Symphony Orchid – known as Queen of the Orchids – in the IFF Botanical Gardens, that it struck both a musical and olfactory chord with him. This is the featured note in the fragrance’s composition, and an an added level of intrigue, personality and color is added by the delightful duet of Gold Symphony Orchid and Golden Apricot.

The Orchid is the centerpiece of this perfume. Dong says, “The Golden Apricot helps create a bold statement that is also playful.” Dong also realized this duo delivered both an olfactory and a visual impact by evoking the color gold itself—an essential element of the RISE identity. For Beyoncé, gold symbolizes luminosity, optimism and strength.

The Fragrance

RISE is a rich and intoxicating luminous floral with beautiful top notes of Italian Bergamot, Golden Apricot and Iced Basil Sorbet; Luscious middle notes of Gold Symphony Orchid, Freesia Blossom and Natural Jasmine Sambac and sensual bottom notes that include Autumn Woods Accord, Cashmere Musk and Vetiver Extract.

The Bottle

The bottle is designed by Ken Hirst, with a distinct focus on gold. The gold juice is encased in a tall, elegant glass bottle and the undulating gold collar flows around the soft lines of the bottle, evoking a melodic sense of rhythm and perpetual motion.

The cap features a sculptural cluster of golden crystals. Combining gold accents and crystal clear glass, crisp lines and smooth edges, the Rise bottle perfectly captures Beyoncé’s resilient spirit and graceful femininity.

The Rise collection delivers this alluring new scent in eau de parfum of 15 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml. You can also opt for their Glistening Body Lotion (200 ml) or the Silky Shower Gel (200 ml).


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