Continuing Perfection, The Arabian Nights Private Collection

This magical fragrance collection by fashion designer J. Del Pozo is inspired by the most mysterious ingredients of Orient 

Arabian Night
Arabian Night

The Arabian Nights Private Collection by J. Del Pozo presents a fragrance for men and one for women. This fine offering is for those who are passionate about perfume and about the extraordinary beauty of an exquisite and select aroma.

The collection strives to be a constant challenge to perfection. Little surprise that the fragrance creation required perfumers with a great sensitivity to invent the richest and most elegant components. Many months of rigorous work followed, and attention was paid to every small detail to create these two sublime fragrances.

Arabian Nights Private Collection – Woman

Belonging to the olfactive family of Oud Rose, this perfume for Her was created by perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin. It was his desire to select raw materials typical to Arabic culture and which can best combine with a woman’s skin and the warmth of her land.

The perfume evolves with a vibrant pulse, just like a woman’s heart. The soft accords in the top notes, such as bergamot and violet leaves are accentuated with the presence of blackcurrant and form the first heartbeat. The pulse slowly accelerates with jasmine and soft bursts of rose infusion. The stimulating saffron once again accelerates the rhythm and the aroma’s vibrations take over the skin. The intensity continues to increase with the cedar wood and sandalwood.  At this point comes a fusion of oud and the feminine sweetness of the Arabic praline.  The sweet notes of caramelized sugar together with the nuts that form the rich praline embrace the aroma of Oud, thereby enhancing the sensuality of this warm note.

Arabian Nights Private Collection – Man

A sublime perfume for Him, this perfume is deliciously ‘oriental spicy’. Perfumers Celine Barel and Olivier Polge have created this fragrance, with the top notes of cumin, LMR Rose and violet blossoms. The heart note features incense, LMR Heart Cypriol and LMR MD Patchouli. The base note will lure you with its delicious mix of IFF Captive Amber, Suede, Virginia Cedarwood and Musk.

Enigmatic incense blends to the warmth of exotic woods and spices; an accord of amber, patchouli and suede infuses the perfume with a unique, unforgettable trail.

The Bottle

Each bottle emulates the same level of luxury and explicit elegance as revealed by the fragrance. Glass metallisation renders the glass a luxurious gold colour, fusing the golden metal with the glass.  The prism shape is for the masculine fragrance and the hexagonal form for the feminine one. The border, filled with typically Arabic geometric patterns, is the colour of a brilliant, black jet stone on both bottles. The same colour is evident on the cap of the feminine fragrance.

A magical fragrance collection inspired by the most mysterious ingredients of Orient is available at Areej.Tthe Private collection for Her is available for AED 900 and that for Him is priced at AED 706.



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