The Explosive New Collection By L’Artisan Parfumeur

This September, L’Artisan Parfumeur launches Explosions d’Emotions a thrilling new collection of Eaux de Parfum.

Faithful to the vision of its founder, Monsieur Laporte, the cult Parisian perfume house sets a new standard with three exceptional fragrances.Three concepts, translating the extraordinary emotional power of fragrance, created without compromise, with master perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour.

Amour Nocturne

The intimacy of the night

Amour-Nocture-HiResInfinite tenderness becomes ecstasy. Live a moment of sublime intimacy… .Cedar, surrounded by soothing notes of hot milk and caramel, gives way to a powerful burst of gun powder and orchid. An explosion of love, beyond time and place.


Exhilaration of the senses

Deliria-HiResPrepare to be thrilled. Your senses will be shaken into a delicious blur. Déliria is the fantastic contrast between metallic, rhum and gourmand notes of toffee apple and candy floss. Top and base notes lose themselves in the heart of the fragrance in a dizzying cloud.

Skin on Skin

A wanton embrace

Skin on Skin awakens our animalistic instincts… to touch, to get closer, to smell. It merges a sensual iris with a suede, velvet leather.The intertwining of saffron, whisky, lavender and rose, melts into musks and skin effects. A carnal creation to be used without moderation

Emotions – beautifully packaged

The Explosions d’Emotions collection is not just about the fragrance. Their sensational new packaging, inspired by the aesthetic codes of ­­luxurious materials: – sensual, thickly-textured white paper with original debossed motifs; precious metals; a beautifully facetted glass flacon. L’Artisan Parfumeur is proud to be ‘Made in France,’ of its artisanal attention to detail, and, naturally, of ‘le luxe à la française;’ the union of simplicity and sophistication.

Perfume as Art, by Bertrand Duchaufour

L’Artisan Parfumeur and long-time collaborator Bertrand Duchaufour, share a vision: to capture the emotional power of olfactory art.

With these three astounding new creations, Monsieur Duchaufour, reaffirms his place as one of France’s most talented and respected contemporary master perfumers.

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