Sesame Shines In Kedu By Memo Fragrances

This new fragrance from Kedu will make you open up with its primary ingredient of sesame 

Flacon Kedu
Flacon Kedu

This spring, Bloomingdale’s-Dubai welcomes a new addition to their perennial bouquet of fragrance offerings…the celebrated collection and creations of Memo. Memo is the expression of creator Clara Molloy’s innovative and eclectic style inspired by her voyages, Spanish origins and her love of poetry. In collaboration with parfumer Alienor Massenet, Graines Vagabondes is a new fragrance collection for men and women that bring together the finest quality of raw materials. The fragrances take inspiration from remarkable destinations around the world, both delighting and stirring the imagination.

Kedu, is the new Memo creation and the first composition in the Graines Vagabondes collection; the fragrance opens us to a world brimming with life. Its primary ingredient – sesame, the symbol of longevity in Asia – is a magic incantation in and of itself; one will long to murmur “Open sesame” on discovering this fragrance.

The scent unfolds on contact with grapefruit, neroli, white musk and moss to form an enchanting spell. Sesame and grapefruit come together and merge like the landscape that inspired them, the high plain of Kedu. Nestled on the island of Java, at the heart of Indonesia, this land is fertile, luxuriant and volcanic in one. The same vitality and vigorous energy flows from one to the other, giving the composition all of its depth and breadth.

Kedu by Memo fragrances is now available on the ground floor at Bloomingdale’s-Dubai, The Dubai Mall.

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