Luxury Personified: Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold

Get overwhelmed by an addictive desire and melt into the richness. Enter a world of luxury with this offering that’s most luxurious

Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold for woman
Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold for woman

The Liquid Gold Euphoria for women by Calvin Klein  is luxurious, powerful and addictive. The fragrance is woody oriental.

With a dry down of sandalwood,liquid gold euphoria warms the senses with its rich and powerful scent. The fragrance opens with a hint of cinnamon, creating a lavish, exhilarating, feeling that deepens with the mystery of black orchid.

top: cinnamon
mid: black orchid
dry: sandalwood


Liquid Gold Euphoria men

Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold for men
Calvin Klein Euphoria Liquid Gold for men

Powerful, mysterious, magnetic … that’s the Liquid Gold Euphoria for men. The fragrance is woody oriental.

Liquid gold euphoria men is a strong and masculine fragrance with a contemporary twist. The spicy black pepper creates a vibrant, sparkling effect, while the refined, complex saffron exudes a unique signature. The creamy sandalwood introduces the smooth and sensual quality of the scent.

top: black pepper
mid: saffron
dry: sandalwood

Bottle and packaging

The liquid gold euphoria bottles are modernised with refined matte gold shells and shiny black opaque glass. The extravagant black and gold packaging features a detailed, embossed Middle Eastern-inspired pattern for an elegant texture.

The Liquid gold euphoria eau de parfum spray comes in 100ml, while the Liquid gold euphoria men eau de parfum spray is available in 100ml.


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