Eau d’Arômes, Men’s Fragrance By Giorgio Armani

After Eau pour Homme and Eau de Nuit, Eau d’Arômes expresses a new simple, sophisticated and luxurious facet

Armani Eau d'Aromes
Armani Eau d’Aromes

After the launch of its two predecessors, the Eau d’Arômes by Armani reveals a new facet of the trilogy, a very casual relaxed chic style inspired by the same iconic fluid blazer that is predominant in the other two. But this time it’s in a linen version. A moment away from it all, devoted to simple pleasures, as the warmth of spices intertwines with the freshness of a light breeze for an instant of relaxation.

The Eau d’Arômes man exudes a casual elegance in a chic and comfortable outfit, a fluid look with refined fabric. Spicy and spontaneous, Eau d’Arômes is a play of contrasts, at once powerful and light, with freshness and warm depth. The masterful combination of the spicy-woody and citrus accords creates a deeply textured ensemble: dynamic, masculine and sensual.

The Fragrance

From the first notes, sparks of bergamot and mandarin join the bright snap of ginger to create the vibrant feel of freshness. Inciting a sensation of freedom, these sun-drenched tones illuminate sweet, peppery and imperial cardamom accentuated by aromatic sage. A bespoke spiciness pairs with fiery chilli pepper to redefine convention. Finished with precious vetiver, the fragrance drapes the body in a sensual patchouli and singular ambergris accord. Enveloping, nuanced, its style endures.

The Bottle

Lines pure and fluid, a subtle play between texture and fabric, the bottle continues to draw inspiration from the iconic Armani blazer. Its simple and flawless structure, elegant with a glossy black Bakelite cap and heavy, substantial glass, are set on ribbed metallic cuffs for absolute finesse. The ochre shade with golden shimmers, reminiscent of a gentleman’s club, distinguishes this new, very masculine chapter to Giorgio Armani’s Eau pour Homme Collection.

Eau d’Arômes stands out with the sparkle of its coppery fragrance, glimmering gently with warmth and spice. Like a gleaming fabric, the packaging slips into a delicate burnt-orange shade with a lightly iridescent patina recalling the essential elegance of the aromas.


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