A New Lifestyle For Men And Women: Pure Custo Barcelona

A fragrance collection full of contrasts, mystery and character. Striking and exotic like the peacock, that’s the Pure Custo Barcelona for you  

Pure Custo Man
Pure Custo Man

After the good reception of Custo Barcelona Woman and Custo Barcelona Man, the designer Custo Dalmau, in conjunction with Idesa Parfums, launches a new fragrance which features the DNA of the brand and celebrates the soul of a fashion project which has become a lifestyle: Pure Custo Barcelona.

Pure Custo Barcelona is a tribute to its roots. A loving look that recalls the ingenuity, excitement and enthusiasm that launched the project, and celebrates the vitality and energy with which it continues to grow. Colourful, Universal, Sophisticated, Trendy, Original. The letters of the brand name compose, like notes, the soundtrack of its purest DNA.

Custo Barcelona’s most distinguishable garments, with many colours, prints and fabrics mixed together, are the source of inspiration for the brand’s new fragrances. The famous mix of unusual materials, graphics, prints, embroideries, applications and finishes contains the pure essence of Custo Barcelona. They were his passport to conquer the world and have never been missing from his collections.

They are bright and bold garments that aim to transform wearing clothes into something fun that transforms the everyday into a party. They make fashion into an artistic expression and serve as a loudspeaker to those who promote happiness.

A pure spirit for two fragrances, one feminine and one masculine, which share the same concept.

The new Pure Custo Barcelona fragrances follow in the groundbreaking footsteps of the brand’s first fragrance. Daring and original, they break with the traditions of perfumery in a quest for the original essence, the most intimate character, and a way to mix various ingredients and create new perfumes.

Pure Custo Woman
Pure Custo Woman

Pure Custo Barcelona Woman

The female version of the fragrance is bright, bold and addictive. Its vocation, like the pea-
cock, is to seduce. Its top note is fresh and free, just like the fashion of Custo Barcelona was at the beginning of its adventure. Mediterranean bergamot and lemon blend their citric notes with the warm and exotic seduction of ginger. The green notes of sage underscore femininity while providing an aura of freshness.

The middle note is full of personality, with a contrast between the floral blend of intriguing violet and the exotic notes provided by fruits, pepper and the modern Super Hedione. The bottom note reveals sensuality and feminine appeal thanks to the contrast of fragrant wood notes with intense musk and the sweetness of vanilla.

Pure Custo Barcelona Man

A fragrance full of contrasts, mystery and character. Like the peacock, it is striking and exotic. The top note sparkles with citrics such as bergamot, lemon and tangerine, contrasting with the floral note provided by neroli. Vegetal amber and cedar contribute masculinity and mystery.

The middle note reveals the exotic spirit of the fragrance with a floral nuance. The bottom note is elegant and sensual thanks to the blend of oriental notes, between incense and Tonka beans, with the strength of patchouli and the wild nature of musk.

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