ScentStory And Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products' Add Two New Fragrances To Their 24 Inspired Collection

ScentStory and Twentieth Century Fox consumer products add 24: Live Another Day and 24: Live Another Night to their range of scents dedicated to the TV show

Live Another Day
24: Live Another Day

ScentStory, in partnership with Twentieth Century Fox Consumer Products have launched two new scents that will be added to the 24 fragrance range to commemorate the return of Jack Bauer in 24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY.

The new fragrances, 24: Live Another Day and 24: Live Another Night, have been launched in May 2014.

The 24 fragrance range is inspired by the award-winning television series and offers a unique proposition in the world of high-quality scents. It is a collection of long-lasting, perfectly blended scents with strong sillage and projection. All fragrances in the range promise to last up to 24 hours and claim to be as thrilling as the TV show itself.

The fragrance 24: Live Another Day is based on Jack Bauer’s steely grit and unstoppable drive. To bottle this, a sharp surface tension is formed by citrus, ginger and mint, encapsulating Bauer’s mental alertness. A hint of geranium offers a touch of intrigue and the harsh woody depths of vetiver, sandalwood and oak moss evoke a sense of his inner strength.

Live Another Night
24: Live Another Night

The fragrance 24: Live Another Night is another tale all together. Bright citrus notes reflect his display of showmanship, an optimistic opening intensified with a warm sunny smile of deep spices, culminating in a sweet blonde amber base.

The man behind the fragrance 24 Classic is strong, robust, tough yet sensitive. The fragrance opens with emotions of vibrancy and dynamism, created by the enchanting blend of coriander, mandarin orange and bergamot. A flash of lemon completes the thrill of intense freshness. At its heart lie expressions of self-assurance and masculinity captured by savvy blends of cedarwood. The base notes of vanilla and wood are spicy and have great depth. A dash of agarwood provides the finishing depth to the scent.

The distinguished scent of 24 Gold is a rich blend of jasmine, sandalwood, amber and vanilla. Mysterious and enchanting, 24 Gold is a woody oriental fragrance for men and women in search of a unique scent.

Deep and intense 24 Platinum, it is an exhilarating fragrance. A full-bodied, long lasting fragrance, it has a strong flowery and woody heart, blending rapidly and smoothly with vanilla and musk.

In the UAE, the 24 line of fragrances are available at the Paris Gallery.

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