Marrakech Intense: Aesop's Evolution – A Bouquet Of Florals Tied With Cedar

Created in collaboration with perfumer Barnabe Fillion, Aesop’s Marrakech Intense is an evolution of the brand’s first fragrance, Marrakech

Marrakech Intense
Marrakech Intense

A woody oriental blend balanced by a fresh floral top and heart notes and a hint of the animalistic cries. Imagine diving into a rose head on, right from the unfurling of petals to the stem, skimming past the thorns, brushing the leaves and into the mildly wet earth from which the plant grows. Throw in the magic of some opaque layers of Neroli and Jasmine and you have yourself the most rustic of bouquets all tied together with a base of Cedar. A perfect embodiment of everything that Marrakech is synonymous with!

Customers seemed to be quite happy with the original scent Marrakech, launched in 2005, except the fact that the whiff lasted lesser than they would have preferred. As opposed to the earlier version of the perfume, that boasted of spices like clove and cardamom with the woody appeal of sandalwood thrown in for good measure, the new Marrakech Intense is devised to make it more long-lasting. Barnabe Fillion took up the challenge of ripping apart all the elements of the elixir and then playing with each one of them, their quantities and concentrations, adding some notes of his own to formulate a heady composition.

The Marrakech Intense with its floral and woody ambiguity is an ideal perfume for both men and women. It is formulated as a 10 ml Parfum roll-on and 50 ml Eau de Toilette spray. Marrakech Intense will be available at all signature stores, selected stockists and Aesop Online from September 2014.

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