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Unleash generation now! – Snap Perfume the scent for the now generation

Snap perfumes
Snap perfumes

Experience love, beauty and a zest for life with the world’s first potable perfume, Snap. The ‘Generation Now’ of fragrances, has been recently released into the UAE Market. This innovative concept of convenient perfumery is easy to carry, easy to use and is packaged in an attractive bottle that is practically weightless, and is available in”a variety of inspirational scents for women and men of all lifestyles.

Exclusively For Her

SNAP 1: Experience the fragrance of love when it is fresh and new! Designed to awaken the senses and release the spirit of sheer joy, Snap 1’s captivating fragrance for her is perfect when love and happiness is all that matters.

SNAP 7: Every woman wants to feel beautiful, so why not smell the part? Snap 7 for her is a modern exotic fragrance with a hint of mystery that unlocks the free spirit of romance, which every woman desires and deserves.

SNAP 88: Created for a woman who is enthusiastic and full of life, Snap 88 for her is an exciting yet delicate arrangement of harmonious scents that are alluring, sweet and playful.

Exclusively For Him

SNAP 1: Enjoy the fragrance of Snap #1 for him as this crisp sporty scent celebrates and compliments the spirit of masculinity, while rejuvenating the feeling of freshness throughout an active day.

SNAP 7: For the man who has everything, but desires a little bit more. Snap 7 for him defines sophistication and adds a touch of class for a man of ambition who dares to be different.

SNAP 88: From the boardroom to a night on the town. The charismatic scent of Snap 88 for him is perfect for a man with elite style and good taste, who knows how to enjoy life to the fullest.

With just mist of precisely blended modern aromas, Snap spans across the generations of traditional fragrances, and leaves you with a memorable and lasting fragrance throughout the day. The alluring bouquet of Snap have been specifically formulated by strategically combining and infusing the emollients of exotic oils and luscious ingredients found from around the world like Italian Mandarin, Sorrento Lemon, and Brazilian Tonka with natural scents such as sandalwood and musk to create the signature scents for men and women. ‘Distinctively formulated with a wide range of aromas and ingredients, Snap has a scent to complement every lifestyle for men and women. We are excited to offer this new and trend setting product into the fragrance and beauty market of the UAE’ stated Managing Partner Majdi Ali.

Packaged in a sleek urban design, the Snap Perfume bottle is made out of environmental friendly materials. In keeping with the trend of reducing the carbon footprint, Snap’s chic modern packaging is 100 per cent recyclable. Have fun choosing from the eye catching variety of Snap packaging, which range from cool metallic colour finishes, to dynamic graphical designs that all complement the high quality of the scent that is already inside. The compact size of the Snap bottle can easily fit in a pocket or purse allowing you to have a enticing fragrance at your finger tips.

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