DSquared2 Potion Royal Black: The identity

Intense and mysterious, DSquared2 Potion Royal Black brings you to the origins of alchemy, the ancient art born in Egypt during the time of the Pharaohs.

EDP-100-ml+PackThe word alchemy derives from a well-known hieroglyph, KEME-KHMI, that means ‘black earth’. Earth is one of the fundamental elements of alchemy and the symbol of all origins. Black is the symbol of fertile soil and magical Egyptian nights full of secrets.

Coming together, these two elements bring to life the unique concept of alchemy and secrets behind it, and become a soul of the new and exclusive fragrance by DSquared2: Potion Royal Black.


Side grooves inspired by antique perfume bottles are given a modern, masculine look. A glossy black lacquer finish and the gold logo give this project a sense of power and prestige.

Three labels decorating the Potion Royal Black bottle identify the product by its name, ingredients, and content. The grooved zamak cap is coated with fine glossy black lacquer.


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