Davidoff Cool Water & National Geographic's campaign – LOVE THE OCEAN 2

Get one Cool Water and protect 10000 m2 of ocean.

Davidoff_Love-the-Ocean-2To coincide with the 25th anniversary of DAVIDOFF Cool Water, this summer will see the worldwide launch of Love the Ocean 2; the new campaign that supports the National Geographic Pristine Seas in its mission to identify, study and protect fragile marine ecosystems across the world.

This partnership between DAVIDOFF Cool Water and National Geographic embarks on its second year with a new initiative. Launching July 1, limited edition sleeved packs on both the male and female fragrances invite consumers to connect with the ocean.

For every Cool Water fragrance purchase made 10 000 square meters of ocean will be preserved. A “like” on the DAVIDOFF Cool Water Facebook page, and a further 5000 square meters will be protected.

On the pack, QR codes will provide access to an underwater world at www.love-the-ocean.com an interactive and educational platform allowing people to join forces and help save the oceans.

Highlights include an immersive game with underwater footage that will challenge gamers to identify the many marine species in need of urgent protection. Players will have the possibility to win a ticket on a National Geographic adventure trip for ocean lovers.

Love the Ocean 2 will be a highly visible campaign, benefiting from 360° support in print, TV, and digital media. Paul Walker is the face of this new campaign and spokesman for DAVIDOFF Cool Water. He is a Hollywood actor with a passion for the oceans and a background in marine biology.

His involvement is part of a long term partnership between National Geographic and DAVIDOFF Cool Water that will, with the financing of expeditions to some of the worlds most unknown and rich sources of marine life, work towards the preservation of the world’s ocean. Some of which are urgently in need of conservation.

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