Yves Saint Laurent's Oriental Collection

The East at the Heart of a most refined collection..

INSTITUTIONAL-VISUALHigh Perfumery By Yves Saint Laurent

Between passion and excellence, Yves Saint Laurent creates an exceptional collection inspired by the magnificence of the East. In honor of Monsieur Saint Laurent and his never-ending passion for the elsewhere, the ORIENTAL COLLECTION celebrates the mysteries and refinement of a land of infinite opulence, the cradle of High Perfumery. With the finesse of their raw materials and the sophistication of their bottles, Yves Saint Laurent signs a trio of rare scents dedicated to a passionate public: MAJESTIC ROSE, NOBLE LEATHER, SUPREME BOUQUET.

Invitation on a journey

Mystery produces attraction. The eastern palace is a hall of splendor in all its forms, the centre of the most intense emotions. In the enigmatic light filtering through intricate latticework screens, the conquest of body and soul hangs heavily in the air. A theatre of passion play, a poignant stage of seduction and sophistication.

A décor, a staging, a fragrance

The finest chambers are also centres of intrigue, where men and women unveil their contrasting feelings. Each perfume magnificently conjures up a setting and an atmosphere, pointing to every facet, contrast, treasure and ambivalence. From the very first scents, the charm takes hold.

Majestic bottles

The fragrances are graced with bottles inspired by the luxurious and refined ambiance of an eastern palace. Glass is adorned with a sophisticated pattern, enhanced by the YSL Cassandra given a new interpretation with the fine metallic wisps of carved and gilded latticework. In the tradition of High Perfumery, the composition’s five main notes are listed on one facet of the bottle to reveal the essentials of a precious alchemy. The bottle is crowned by a shiny black-lacquered top to give striking effects of contrast and modernity. The perfectly coordinated boxes feature the same oriental motif in satiny gold.



MAJESTIC ROSE or the sophistication of a literary salon. A venue humming with subtle conversations. But underneath, secret webs of intrigue are taking shape through unsettling alliances and impassioned power plays. All embodied by the gracious rose, which vies to compete with restless and potent woody notes.

A sumptuous and enigmatic rose

Intensely mysterious and refined, the queen of flowers orchestrated by Alberto Morillas gets passionate as it runs into accords of oud wood, guaiac wood and vanilla.

Vibrant freshness


The composition takes to the air with the vibrant freshness of an accord of bergamot, intensified by an accord of candied raspberry, whose femininity is further heightened by a leathery touch of papyrus notes.

Magnetic rose takes the stage

The dense corolla of May rose releases its majestic seduction with delicious honey-scented notes. Its petals are warmed by a spicy, vibrant accord of saffron, intoxicatingly wrapped in the exhilarating facets of mate absolute.

Intense and captivating woody notes

In a renewed compelling call for surrender, the rose rolls out its finest arguments.
It assumes animality as it loses itself in the darker folds of an oud wood accord,
marked by intense balsam, blending with boldly smoked essence of guaiac wood.
An addictive trail of vanilla wraps it all in warm, beguiling tones.

A sumptuous and opulent rose overcome by the mystery of a smoked woody trail.



NOBLE LEATHER or the heady scents of a secret chamber. An almost hypnotic order to push open a concealed door that leads to a private sanctuary, to a temple of passion. A sensual and animal fragrance that envelops the body and soul like a second skin.

Intensely desirable and beguiling leather

The sensual and deep-set leather accord orchestrated by Julie Massé, mellowed by the irresistibly attractive notes of tobacco and dried fruits, reveals the splendor of intermingling tanned hides.

The attraction of fresh aromas


Seduction comes into play from the first sight. To capture attention, NOBLE LEATHER takes to the air on a sparkling burst of essence of mandarin and an accord of violet leaves, thickened by a dash of bright, singular and elegant notes of saffron.

The skin-deep seduction of intense leather

The mood grows warmer, leather asserts itself fervently and murmurs, in its own shadow, unbridled and carnal sensuality. Mellowed by the candied and deliciously addictive sweetness of an accord of dried fruits and the disconcerting notes of
tobacco, the leather leaves its unforgettable mark on languid bodies.

The deep hallmark of an upending woody accord

The night continues, with shades of light still only filtering through. Ambery woods embrace the sweet languor of vanilla absolute before giving way to the scents of essence of patchouli, which cloak the body in the secrets of their intense, enigmatic and sophisticated curls.

The carnal sensuality of an elegant leather softened by the candied sweetness of a dried fruits accord.


Between Exalation and Serenity

SUPREME BOUQUET or a peaceful getaway in an oriental garden. Far-removed from the throes of power and intense passions, this oasis is an invitation to return to the sublime beauty of nature. The ponds and fountains murmur their soothing music, palm groves spread salutary coolness. The scent of white flowers is an invitation to contemplation while it superbly exalts our every sense.

A bouquet of heady white flowers

Dazzling and captivating, an armful of creamy, immaculate flowers, tamed by a woody and ambery trail, are the hallmark of a radiant composition orchestrated by Dominique Ropion.

The call of dazzling freshness


The opening is full of promise. Sparkling zests of essence of bergamot are brightened by the impish and spicy pertness of pink pepper notes and a deliciously candied accord of pear.

The opulence of white flowers

Around the corner of an alley, corollas drenched in the fruity and carnal scents of white flowers spread their opulence to the full. Their absolutes and essence of supreme quality are rival attractions in total beguilement. Absolute of tuberose exudes its smooth notes, absolute of sambac jasmine asserts its animal sensuality, and essence of ylang unfolds the charms of its sweet and spicy overtones.

The enticing elegance of warm woods

A regal trail steeped in an intense woody and ambery accord, luxuriously
accompanied by refined musks and profound notes of patchouli heart essence of
rare distinction.

The radiant burst of a bouquet of white flowers tempered by the vibrancy of an ambery, woody accord.

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