Decode The Essentials With Armani Code Ice

Armani Code Ice decodes the essence of masculinity 

Armani Code Ice
Armani Code Ice

The Code of Seduction

Code – a single word that spells the signature Armani style. For Giorgio Armani, having a code means choosing elegance, modernity, refinement and simplicity.

The Code man – a man with an impeccable allure and a naturally magnetic personality. With his innate confidence and masterful elegance he seduces, leaving a sensual trail in his wake.

An Unforgettable Fragrance

Armani Code embodies the vision of a classic fragrance reinterpreted with a modern twist. This fragrance has a timeless feel and yet is like no other. It draws on the elements of traditional men’s colognes while adding original contrasts developed by Giorgio Armani. That of woody oriental notes mixed with tonka bean, blond tobacco, and guaiac wood.

As dusk gives way to night, Code becomes more intense and shows a new side of its personality, Code Ultimate. This leathery oriental fragrance overwhelms the senses with eccentric twists. Featuring a more complex character, its light citrus notes clash with sweet and aromatic star anise to better enhance the scents of wood mixed with leather and vibrant amber.

Armani Code Ice

True to the spirit of the original Armani Code fragrance, the oriental, aromatic feel of Code Ice permeates the air with a captivating, sensual scent developed by Alberto Morillas, Master Perfumer at Firmenich. This surge of adrenaline adds an explosion of freshness to the intensity of the fragrance.

Tangy citrus notes are combined with sweet spices that blend into strongly aromatic woods. Lemon, clary sage and tonka bean come together to exalt a delicate and invigorating peppermint aroma.

A new shade of seduction for the Code man, who exchanges his tuxedo for a light gray suit or a simple white T-shirt. This is a powerful yet intensely fresh cologne, which fills the air leaving a magnetic trail that anyone would like to follow, find and smell again.

A casual chic version but still maintaining the same shape, the iconic bottle inspired by an Armani tuxedo jacket, offers a clean and masculine line reinterpreted with a steel grey touch to highlight the fresh side of the new fragrance.

10 Years of Seduction

Armani Code has been a successful part of the history of Giorgio Armani fragrances for the past 10 years. For its communication campaign, Giorgio Armani chose to use the face of a Hollywood star, Chris Pine, to embody the natural elegance and charisma of this timeless seducer. His deep blue eyes, innate style and a charming smile make him the perfect embodiment of this fascinating man whose magnetic charm symbolises Armani Code with Hollywood glamour.

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