A dream world

Around Her, all beams with radiant purity and serene harmony. The flowers, trees and plants exude a mottled white, delicately tinged with powdery pinks, soft greens and iridescent ivory. Butterflies incrusted in diamonds and spinels, multi-coloured sapphire hummingbirds flutter in the air.


This incredible garden is home to the most unique, most amazing, most enchanting of perfumes. A thousand floral, musky, fruity scents burst forth in intoxicating swirls. She is immediately captivated, so much so She wants to retain the fragrance of this special place. She brushes her hand over a few flowers, a scent gathers instantly. A fragrance, clear and refined, is born. In this ode to femininity, the middle notes reveal lively, almost honeyed, osmanthus, combined with majestic lily. Offering further facets to its composition, the top notes immediately enthral with pear and neroli. Warm tones of sandalwood and amber punctuate the fragrance’s enigmatic sillage.

She then takes a rounded pink peony in her hand, crushes it and at once appears a powder-pink glass vial with its soft curves and tender shade already protecting this exquisite and graceful fragrance. She crowns the whole with a beautiful wide band, the silver of a pendant.

Desirous of achieving perfection, She then reaches for some rose petals, blows over them and a box, soft as rare satin, appears. Trimmed along its sides are a multitude of refined pink-gold pearls; the box welcomes the bottle within.

VCAreve_Model_ADV_C-1.41Thus festooned, the fragrance becomes the teller of fabulously ephemeral, colourfully endless tales… Depending on whether the precious essence is placed at the hollow of the elbow, behind the ear or in the décolleté, the tale varies. Depending on the time of day She wears it, She will seem a different woman! The fragrance, a fleeting and faithful metaphor to life, always unpredictable, always magnificent… She goes to grasp the precious vial, to apply some of its contents. A dazzling light seizes Her. Everything suddenly changes…

A ray of sunlight now caresses her cheek. She stands, slowly. A cool, intense light blinds her. The surprise is unbelievable. In the palm of her hand nestles the bottle of perfume. It has escaped from the dream world of her slumber. There it shines. She breathes in its floral fruity sillage. More amazing and radiant than her imagination had created, it envelops her. She remains still, filled with wonder. Its goes by the name of Dream. The day – a perfectly enchanting day – begins…


Emilie Coppermann
Nathalie Feisthauer
Evelyne Boulanger

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