SOLO Loewe Platinum

Loewe, the quintessential Spanish luxury brand established in  1846, unveils its new fragrance for men.  

Platinum-pack-SEMI-ABIERTOSOLO Loewe is a fragrance that defines a contemporary man , who lives surrounded by contrasts, constantly striving to find balance. Loewe has gone one step further to create the definitive perfume: SOLO Loewe Platinum.


Platinum: unique, precious, scarce… Designed for the perfectionist, sensitive, observant man. A man who aims to be exceptional, special, unique, balanced, sophisticated and elegant.


SOLO Loewe Platinum preserves the base notes of the original fragrance and has been conceived contrasting two sets of two perfectly balanced chords.

The resulting aroma is elegant, sophisticated and innovative, with notes of black tea and leather, which had never been used before and creates a perfect balance with fresh lavender.

Fresh chord: Absolute lavender and black tea – Woody chord: Olibanum, Atlas cedar and black leather.

Balsamic chord: Grey amber and Siam benzoin – Spiced chord: Black pepper, nutmeg  and thyme.



The design once again focuses on pure, straight lines. The solemn black panels on the front contrast with the bright, solid bottle.

A set meticulously presented in exclusive packaging, where elegance is sublimated by the contrasting black and silver colours.


Solo Loewe Platinum Eau de Toilette 50ml

Solo Loewe Platinum Eau de Toile tte 100ml

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