Jaïpur Bracelet & Jaïpur Homme: Limited Editions for Spring 2013

The fascinating brilliance of Jaipur, the jewel of Rajasthan, has always attracted jewelers from around the world, but it was only with the Maison Boucheron that the story of the Pink City would take on overtones of timelessness.

It all started in 1909, when Louis Boucheron first discovered the light of Rajasthan, the sumptuous palaces of the maharajas and the secret of rare gemstones and fabulous jewelry. A long and faithful friendship arose from this encounter and would be symbolized by the cabochon. This gem, polished but unfaceted, decorates Indian rings and bracelets in the same way that it adorns Boucheron creations and the caps of Boucheron perfume bottles – from the ring bottle of the first eponymous Boucheron fragrance in 1988 to the blue sapphire of Jaïpur in 1994 and the amethyst of Jaïpur Bracelet in 2012.

Now, the Maison Boucheron celebrates the dazzling colors of India – flamboyant gardens and sparkling jewels gleaming in the light of spring – through Jaïpur Bracelet and Jaïpur Homme limited editions.

Jaïpur Bracelet Limited Edition

Boucheron_JaipurBracelet_ADV_C-1.30Shades of pink playing against saffron, arabesques of pashmina…even the box invokes the call of far-away places. An orange-tinted pink illuminates the glass bottle, recalling the sparkle of tourmalines, rubies and spinels. The cabochon glows with an intense pink, as magnetic as the pink of Jaipur city walls, repainted at the end of the nineteenth century by Maharajah Ram Singh II to welcome the Prince of Wales.

A one-way trip to shimmering India, this fragrance reinterprets all the richness of Jaïpur Bracelet in a joyous and colorful fragrance. A subtle woody fruited scent liberating a burst of blushing golden shades and the sparkle of tart red currant softened by the freshness of raspberry. The hyacinth note is as crystalline as ever, but a rose-litchi duo adds an exquisitely exotic touch. The base comes to life as it caresses skin with the powdery finish of iris and the enveloping sensuality of Kashmir wood. A voluptuous and exquisitely refined perfume trail.

Jaïpur Homme Limited Edition

Jaipur_Homme_packshotThe box is covered in a sea green color with arabesques, recalling the hues of plants and flowers which come to life in the spring. Created in 1998 and based on the marvelous astronomical garden of Maharajah Jai Singh II, the bottle still features the pure and powerful lines of an arched shape. Perfect harmony, enhanced by a blue as luminous as the chalcedony stone and topped with a turquoise cabochon.

A pure sensorial experience, this fragrance reinvents the original spicy oriental in a spicy aquatic woody fragrance of rare elegance. The citrusy opening sparkles like cascades in a fountain. The fruity freshness of watermelon becomes electrified next to the sensuality of clove. Faithful to the original fragrance, the spicy heart gives forth the rising, peppery warmth of nutmeg and the softness of cinnamon. Impelled by balsamic vanilla and amber wood, the signature is rich and delicate, leaving behind an impression of calm power and authentic style.

Perfume Designers
Jaïpur Bracelet, eau de toilette, limited edition: Carlos Benaïm and Véronique Nyberg
Jaïpur Homme, eau de toilette, limited edition: Annick Menardo

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