Mercedes-Benz Unleashes ‘Land, Sea, Air’ Fragrance Trilogy for Men

Mercedes-Benz is unveiling a captivating trilogy of fragrances for men, drawing inspiration from its iconic emblem featuring three points representing different elements and domains – Land, Sea, and Air. Crafted by IFF’s talented perfumer, Anne Flipo, each fragrance encapsulates a unique facet of the Mercedes-Benz legacy. These scents embody adventure and sophistication.

Magalie Chauvin, the international marketing director at INCC Parfums, Mercedes-Benz’s fragrance licensor, described the project as a reinvention of the brand’s fragrance line, promising an unexpected and unique olfactory experience. Embrace the essence of Mercedes-Benz’s legacy with this fragrance trilogy, which transports you through open roads, vast seas, and boundless skies.

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