CPL Aromas Holds ‘Vernissage Olfactif’ Event At Incosmetics Paris 2024

CPL Aromas took part in In-Cosmetics Paris 2024 last month, with an abundance of new scent collections to discover and a welcoming team on hand to answer all the fragrant questions from visitors. For an added dose of scent exploration, CPL Aromas held an evening event combining inspiring artwork and perfumer creations.

The event was held in Galerie Paulene Pavec, a contemporary gallery set in the heart of the prestigious Marais, in central Paris. The space showcases a curated collection shedding light on female artist, Juliette Roche, an avant-garde figure in the early 1900’s. Juliette Roche was an atypical writer and painter, with a non-conformist spirit who within her work often touched on her views of women, sexuality, cosmopolitan cities and hopes for a modern future. The gallery currently showcases several of her portraits, still lives and landscapes.

To blend the art with the fragrance world, CPL Aromas’ talented perfumers took inspiration from the beautiful artwork and aligned fragrance notes with the visual narratives they saw. Each scent was an interpretation of Juliette’s work and became a canvas, layering notes, textures and themes to capture the essence of a painting within a scent.

From the delicate pastel blends in ‘AUTOPORTRAIT’ depicted by Orris and rose notes by Kamila Lelakova to the striking blue colours in ‘ETUDE POUR LE PORTRAIT DE MME L DU N’ which perfumer Elise Pierre represented with amber, bergamot and violet accords, each interpretation was unique and personal to the perfumers. Complex interpretations continued with Julien Rasquinet creating a unique blend of fig, mandarin, orris, ambers and woods for the painting ‘DEUX FEMMES’ with a nod to the ambiguous setting with aspects from both indoors and outdoors.

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