Gucci’s Latest Fragrance From Recycled Carbon

The Italian luxury house’s new perfume, Where My Heart Beats, is Coty’s first globally distributed fragrance manufactured using 100 per cent carbon-captured alcohol.

Where My Heart Beats, the latest fragrance by Gucci breaks new ground in the world of perfumes. Unlike previous scents that relied on agricultural raw materials, this innovative fragrance sets itself apart by utilizing alcohol derived from 100% recycled carbon emissions. In a remarkable feat, Gucci’s partner, Coty, claims this to be the first perfume ever created entirely from captured carbon.

This launch carries immense significance for the beauty industry, which has been actively exploring sustainable supply chains and striving to develop products with lower carbon footprints. Gucci’s groundbreaking fragrance has the potential to heighten awareness of industry emissions, prompting greater discussions and actions. 

In the realm of fragrance production, alcohol plays a pivotal role as it effectively carries scents and dissipates into the skin. Gucci’s use of alcohol derived from captured carbon showcases their commitment to pushing boundaries and reimagining the possibilities within the beauty sector.


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