Playing Favourites With Angela Turovksaya

Angela Turovksaya – a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and a mother of twin girls – is sincerely passionate about lifestyle, beauty and wellness. She shares her thoughts on perfumes and her favourites.

Angela Turovksaya firmly believes, “To find a passion in life is the purpose for most of us”. After working in the beauty and well-being industry for more than a decade and seeing first-hand the impact popular non-clean beauty products have on the skin and its health, Angela Turovskaya founded BALMESSENCE, a luxury platform for ethical beauty products and unique fragrances.

Angela Turovksaya

Angela’s successful career has witnessed prolific achievements and milestone projects with renowned companies such as Paris Gallery, Wafi Hospitality, JA Resorts & Hotels, Beiersdorf Middle East in Dubai, UAE amongst others.

Thoughts on perfumes

Angela Turovksaya

“There isn’t a particular formula, but it needs to be a really well-composed fragrance with as much as many authentic ingredients and one that reflects charisma and uniqueness in some way.  I personally lean more towards oriental fragrances these days after being exposed to the Middle Eastern fragrance culture after living for more than a decade in Dubai. However, those fragrances still have a very classy nature.”

Here’s a list of her favourite fragrances.

Emperio by Onyrico

Honey Aoud by Montale

Black Gold by Ormonde Jayne

Ta’if by Ormonde Jayne

Ormonde Woman

Ubar by Amouage

Soleil De Jeddah by Stephane Humber Lucas 777

Epic Woman by Amouage

Holiday by House of Sillage

Jardin De Giverny by Arte Profumi

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