Luxury Fragrance House, Amouage Reinvents Itself

Amouage, the Oman-based luxury fragrance house, celebrates its 40th anniversary with a transformative journey led by CEO Marco Parsiegla and Chief Creative Officer Renaud Salmon. Tasked with revitalizing the brand, Parsiegla, an industry veteran, emphasizes the need for precision in this “open-heart surgery” of a brand with a rich history. Their vision involves international expansion and appealing to the next generation of fragrance enthusiasts.

The duo’s strategy includes in-house integration and a creative sanctuary in Muscat, attracting 15,000 yearly visitors. In 2023, global sales at Amouage boutiques rose by 23%, driven by innovative retail concepts like the artistic Mall of Oman space. Salmon underscores the shift from transactional to experiential, with each location embodying Omani elements in a contemporary, gallery-like manner.

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