Playing Favourites With Mae Romero-Do Thanh

Mae Romero-Do, a brilliant and successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and problem solver, she realised realized her vision of a luxurious beauty lounge and The Branding Room came into being. She shares her thoughts on perfumes and her favourites.

Initially holding a Humanities degree with a professional certificate in Development Education, Mae Romero-Do has always been fascinated by the world of aesthetic treatments and beauty from a young age. This led her to pursue a Diploma in Beauty Therapy. Today, Mae is affiliated with the Confederation of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) and is a DHA Licensed Beauty Therapist! 

Driven by her passion for making luxurious treatments accessible and affordable for all, Mae leads a team of highly qualified and certified aestheticians. The Branding Room, located in the Hub of Dubai, JVC, is Mae’s vision of a beautiful haven of affordable luxury treatments in the neighbourhood. Mae believes that beauty treatments are not meant to change the client, they simply exist to make you feel the best version of yourself. While taking care of your body and skin is not exactly vanity, such treatments make you feel more connected to your inner self.

Thoughts on perfumes

Perfume is like an accessory. Although scents that perfume gives off are not seen when worn, they certainly do make an impression on others.

A fragrance to me is something that stimulates the senses through scents and smells and ultimately stirs a certain feeling within us. It may transport you to a different place or time; It may make you recall memories or create new ones.

I love the scents of rose, jasmine, neroli and amber. They seem to be the kinds of scents that make me feel elegant.

Her list of favourite fragrances:

Rose Amber by The 7 Virtues 

Jasmine Neroli by The 7 Virtues

Eau Rose by Diptyque 

Black Saffron by Byredo 

English Pear and Freesia by Jo Malone

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