Playing Favourites With Divya Malhan

Divya Malhan – a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur and Founder of the two brands, XXI Karat Gold Beauté & Kenshō Beauty, shares her thoughts on perfumes.

Divya Malhan is a double certified fashion and makeup application graduate who, fuelled by her passion to provide aesthetic beauty and skincare services to the ladies in the UAE, founded Kenshō Beauty Lounge and XXI Karat Gold Beauté. Divya Malhan believes the fragrances she sports sets the tone of her personality and to an extend is an extension of what she stands for.  In fact, she goes onto say she tends to figure out personalities of people based on the perfumes they are wearing.

An ardent supporter of sustainable initiatives globally, Divya is extremely passionate of taking care of the environment and has spear-headed several CSR initiatives for various organizations in her previous role including saving 400,000 units of single-use plastic by the end of their fiscal year! She has with her the same values and zest to Kenshō Beauty and XXI Karat Gold Beauté by incorporating environmentally friendly products and accessories in both the beauty lounges.

She currently enjoys building both her Brands, spending time at one of the beauty lounges and playing with her two fur-babies.

Thoughts on perfumes

When I look for a fragrance, I look for sweet and musky fragrances in my choice of preferred perfumes. Something that oozes my personality through a scent.

To me, each perfume and scent has a memory attached to it. You’ll always smell that one perfume and remember the incredible night-out you had with your besties or the calm day you spent with yourself. A scent can play such a big role in all our lives.

My all-time favourite fragrance is Black Opium by YSL. Since the fragrance is warm and spicy infused with coffee and vanilla it makes me feel very empowered.

Her list of favourite fragrances:

Black Opium by YSL

Poison by Dior

Chance by Chanel

Flowerbomb by Victor&Rolf

Burberry Brit Eau De Toilette

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