Fragrance Innovation Congress A Commendable Initiation!

The Fragrance Innovation Congress held in Dubai recently gave the people who attended it much food for thought

The Fragrance Innovation Congress held in Crowne Plaza, Dubai on 8th and 9th December, 2019, held great promise.

One saw great potential in this event as it seemed to have garnered good support from sponsors and keynote speakers from the fragrance industry.

The topics chosen and addressed by speakers too were very current, diverse and informative. To give an overview, there was Dr.Yousef Alsaadi, Director, Conformity Department, Emirates Authority for Standardisation & Metrology talking on Consumer Safety & Conformity, Perspectives from the Government of UAE. Shadi Samra, General Manager of Fragrance DuBois spoke about Oud – the lifeline of Oriental Perfumery. An insight into the Fragrance Regulation, Updates & Perfumer’s Challenges was provided by Olaf Larsen, Senior Perfumer, Eurofragance. Eldar Khayretdinov, Co-Founder of Verisium spoke about fighting counterfeiting and increasing customer loyalty. The art of tailormade fragrances was addressed by Ivan Sirabolin, CEO of Ivon Parfumerie. Creezy Courtroy, President, International Perfumery Foundation shared her views on Sustainable Fragrance – the next 
big thing,

The highlight of the event was, of course, the two-day panel discussions. On the first day, the discussion was moderated by Jasbir Bolar, Marketing Director, ParfumPlus magazine.

The topic was “the perspectives on the future of fragrance”. The panel comprised of Jean-Jacques Rouge, Perfumery Consultant, Dubey Perfumers; Juilee Thakare, General Manager, Nabeel perfumes; and Olimpia Mascolo, Head of Retail, Mohammed Hilal Perfumes, UAE. The discussion that followed paved way to topics on the business of engagement with the infamous millennials or Gen Z etc, which was very topical, interesting and insightful.

On the second day, the discussion was moderated by Ghassan Hajaj, Head of Fragrance Academy, L’oreal. The topic was “retailer’s exchange” and the panel comprised of Steven Stelljes, General Manager, Jovoy Paris; Joanna Troigo, Area Manager, Kenzo perfumes; Saleh Al Hammadi, CEO, Perfume Bay. This one too was very informative and was much appreciated by the visitors.

All in all, the event deserves a good rating for its efforts and potential.

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