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Provocative couture. Unexpected elegance. Conceptual glamour. These are the creative pillars of Viktor&Rolf. As fashion artists, Viktor Horsting and Rolf Snoeren believe that true power is the power of the imagination; the power to transform anything into something positive.

This guiding principle and creative force invite a constant evolution of creativity and experimentation. With Haute Couture as their ultimate laboratory for expression, Viktor&Rolf’s iconic collections present the explorations of their artistic prowess – every time building on their 25-year archive of cerebral, yet wearable art.

As in their Atelier, Viktor&Rolf approach olfactory development with meticulous technical refinement. The alchemy of their fragrances is a magical process of transformation, of chemistry, of artistry.

Flowerbomb and Spicebomb is the ultimate illustration of this – the hallmark specimen from Viktor&Rolf’s laboratory in which they are constantly tinkering and striving for perfection.

The bottle was designed by Fabien Baron, in the shape of diamond-granite, alluding to the fragrance itself, since it is so explosive, sophisticated and glamorous. It was introduced at the 10th anniversary of Viktor&Rolf house’s work.


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