Redolent and Aromatic, The ParfumPlus World Fragrance Awards

An awards programme specially designed for the UAE consumer, to choose, select and rate their favourite fragrances.

As much as we enjoy sharing the various perfumes brands, updates, perfumer reviews, interviews, events and almost everything that we manage together for our readers, this time we wished to treat everyone a little differently!

So here we are: ParfumPlus World Fragrance Awards!
A FourPlus Media initiative to mobilise, create, engage,
give and encourage. The idea behind bringing this platform into existence is only to have the entire perfume world, which includes the connoisseurs and  consumers in the region, engaged in indulgence of the perfume.

The ParfumPlus World Fragrance Awards will give you an opportunity to widen your horizons in the fragrance world. With each fragrance brand putting forward its best, and your fellow perfume lovers and connoisseurs rating each of them, you get to a whiff of what everyone else loves or loves not. The world of fragrance is ever evolving. There’s more to try, more to experience, more perfumes to fall in love with
all over again.

But that’s just a part of it. It’s also your chance to share with your friends and family, the fragrances that you love most. Get personal with your favourite perfumes, rate them and let the world know just how much you
love perfumes.

Perfume lovers are a niche community, and you owe it to yourself to encourage global perfumers’ creativity to new levels; offer feedback to brands on just what you’d like to feel and experience when you go through that romantic journey with your perfumes.

Yes, perfumes are fascinating, and with the help of perfume houses, brands and retailers together, there’s still more to experience. As consumers, your feedback plays the pivotal role in helping the perfume brands create perfumes the way you desire.

In turn, you can help them win. Ratings can be done from
March 15 to April 30, 2017 on Your votes, in the form of these ratings, will help shortlist the final nominations which will be further assessed by the world’s foremost experts in the fragrance creations through a blind test.

So visit the leading perfume stores across UAE and test PWFA particpating fragrances. Vote and nominate the best perfumes of
the year. Go on. Judge!

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