CPL Aromas Launches Osmanthus Fusion

CPL Aromas has launched a new fragrance into its captive AromaFusion technology collection: Osmanthus Fusion. The material is available exclusively to CPL Aromas’ creative perfumers.

Inspired by the beautiful and sophisticated Osmanthus flower, Osmanthus Fusion is a multifaceted speciality ingredient. Not only is this material exquisitely refined, but it also holds the benefits of consistent quality and exclusivity. The CPL AromaFusion technology makes Osmanthus Fusion a captive material to help enhance our perfumers’ creativity so that any original fragrance created by CPL Aromas’ perfumers for our customers is certifiably unique.  

Christian Provenzano, CPL Aromas’ Global Director of Perfumery, who plays a key role in creating all of the AromaFusion materials, said: “Osmanthus Fusion, containing the Osmanthus concrete, is a varied blend with many accords, combining the fruity-floral apricot notes at the top of the fragrance to the more sensuous leathery facets and honey wax tonality at the base. This new material can be used in a variety of fragrances, not only to enrich the floral character but also to enhance the fruity animalic accords in fragrances within the chypre, oriental or woody olfactive families.”

Speaking to Alexandra Kosinski, CPL UK Director of Perfumery, about how she will use the new AromaFusion, she said: “Osmanthus is one of my favourite raw materials for its dried apricot and peachy fruit notes. With this new AromaFusion however, it will stretch the Osmanthus in my formula from the top notes to the base with added suede and warm honey accords.”



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