CPL Aromas’ Collaboration With Clive Christian Perfume

Clive Christian Perfume has opened their exhibition at the iconic Saatchi Gallery on Kings Road in London, creating a fragrant and immersive experience for visitors to discover the art of perfumery.

CPL Aromas is thrilled to be collaborating with Clive Chrisitan in the RHS Botanical Art and Photography Show, running from 14th June to 7th July 2024. This prestigious event will feature an immersive exhibition that takes visitors on a sensorial journey to explore key fragrances by Clive Christian Perfume and their use of CPL Aromas’ “AromaFusion” and “AromaSpace” technologies.

AromaSpace and AromaFusion are both trademarked technologies of CPL Aromas’, the largest fragrance-only fragrance house in the world. AromaSpace is the combination of headspace technology and perfumer expertise to bring ‘true to nature scents’ to the CPL Aromas perfumery palette. AromaFusions are CPL Aromas’ exclusive range of captive ingredients which are only available to CPL perfumers, created using a complex distillation process to combine fractions of raw materials resulting in a captive ingredient.

Attendees at the Saatchi Gallery can experience the Clive Christian space through the Royal Horticultural Society’s main exhibition. This year’s show will display exquisite botanical art and photography, highlighting a diverse array of subjects from medicinal desert flowers to ornamental bananas, and from forest slime molds to urban street plants. The exhibition will showcase the work of 23 leading botanical artists and 18 photographers from around the world.

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