Valentino Parfums Brings Valentina Myrrh Assoluto

Myrrh Assoluto, an ode to myrrh, joins Rosa Assoluto and Oud Assoluto in the Valentina Assoluto Collection

One of perfumery’s most precious and ancient ingredients, myrrh, fuses with the contemporary spirit of Valentino Parfums in Valentina Myrrh AssolutoPart of the Valentina Assoluto Collection, the fragrance is an irreverent evocation that layers Indian Jasmine, myrrh and leather for an impression of mysterious familiarity. A diagonal approach to perfume blending, with notes of vanilla, ylang ylang and musks creates a rich and intuitive modernity. And through complex techniques, Myrrh Assoluto is further rarefied to a most simple and pure expression of this mythic note.


Myrrh Assoluto is created by perfumers Olivier Cresp and Hamid Merati-Kasha. Refined design links Myrrh Assoluto to the other fragrances in the Valentina Assoluto Collection. An elliptical bottle wears a couture rose, here in elegant grey. A golden neck topped by a black pearl stopper suggests the contents are steeped in luxury.

Available from June 2016 in 80 ml, at retail price AED 550

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