Byredo Brings Super Cedar

A floral-woody-musky fragrance for women and men, Super Cedar by Byredo is available across selected Paris Gallery stores in the UAE

Byredo has a new fragrance for 2016. Super Cedar by the brand focuses on the central note of the fragrance, also inspiring the name of the perfume. Available in selected Paris Gallery stores in the UAE, Super Cedar is a floral, woody, musky fragrance for women and men.


‘Super’ in formal terms is used as a prefix from the Latin super, meaning above, beyond, expressing superiority of quality of the highest degree, hierarchal superiority; whereas informally, it is someone or something that is exceptional, superior, extraordinary.

‘Cedar’ is masculine in nature and derived from the Latin cedrus, large tree with horizontal branches native to Africa, Asia and the Americas, diffusing a scent of dry wood, sagebrush and turpentine. Cedar is without a doubt one of the scents that our nose recognises most easily.

Taking this as the inspiration and central point for the name, Super Cedar entices the wearer in the swirls of the vibrant wood in the fragrance.

Olfactory Notes of Super Cedar:

Top: Rose Petals

Heart: Virginian Cedarwood

Base: Silk Musk, Haitian Vetiver

Available in 100 ml eau de parfum, at retail price AED 940


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