Valentina Acqua Floreale – New Fragrance

Valentina Acqua Floreale – a fragrance that is captivating and truly unforgettable  

sValentina_AcquaFloreale_WhiteBackground_PackShot_HRHer contradictions are captivating. Naïve yet knowing, romantic and ethereal but also determined, intense, and imponderable, Valentina possesses the multifaceted and unconventional allure of a sophisticated modern woman who adores the spotlight, but also loves the sumptuous shadows of her ancestral palazzo and the enveloping, reassuring embrace of ancient frescoed rooms and secret gardens. Sensuous and freethinking, elegant and playful, she knows how to leave her signature on festive nights and private moments of complete abandon. She conquers all with her unique style. She transforms the world around her in a passionate web of aesthetics and inimitable moods. This refined, marvellous fantasy inspires the designs of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli and summarizes the new path of the Valentino Maison.

Ethereal Grace

Rome is the chosen setting. Locked within Valentina’s DNA are the city’s infinite precious nuances, reflections, and antique patina, the vivacity of its streets and narrow alleys, and the graceful splendour of its incomparable works of art and architecture, atriums, and
monumental facades. From dawn to dusk, she can contemplate these views from her ancient palazzo and bask in the sunlight that filters through the large windows and illuminates the frescoed interiors, softening their angles and diffusing a golden dust on furnishings and details. Reassured and protected by that inviolable privacy, Valentina loves to seclude herself and leave the world behind her, feeling free to daydream as the undisputed lady of the manor with its rooms and halls, terraces and courtyards, verdant gardens full of plants and moss, and elegant patios and fountains.

Ineffable Abandon

Her bedroom overlooks one of those luxuriant secret gardens. On summer mornings, Valentina loves to open the windows and then return to her bed. She closes her eyes and lets herself be seduced by its heady fragrances. When she awakens, she loves that special feeling of warmth and freshness upon her skin: it is an exhilarating, energizing, and indispensable caress. It is a moment of necessary and regenerating abandon that lingers on her skin with Acqua Floreale, an eau de toilette that expresses her intrinsic spontaneity and her refined naturalness.

Vibrant and Refreshing

Inspired by Valentina, her world and her lifestyle, Acqua Floreale is like a leisurely stroll in the midst of nature, immersed in the sensual and exciting fragrances of a summer garden. It is a unique and elegant floral fragrance. Master perfumer Olivier Cresp designed it as an alchemy of contrasting notes. The sparkling freshness of bergamot is combined with more delicate, feminine notes of neroli and is followed by a harmonious blend of mimosa, jasmine, orange blossom, and tuberose. Warm and sensuous accords of amber and patchouli complete the bouquet. The result is an elegant and sophisticated eau de toilette full of luminosity, energy and freshness. It awakens the senses and is an element of seduction, accentuating the vibrant joie de vivre of the modern Valentino woman.

Pure Luminosity 

Limpid summer mornings and sunny Roman gardens are also evoked through the bottle design with its light nuances and transparencies. The rosy hue of Acqua Floreale lightly colours the curvy lines of the crystal bottle that is decorated with a delicate white flower embellished with leaves. This spectacular threedimensional detail features pale, delicate nuances that add depth to the design. Illuminated by the silvery cap and topped by a large
black pearl, the bottle is protected, like a jewel, inside a pink box embellished with a delicate motif of petals in relief.

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