1 Million Intense – Paco Rabanne

1 Million – fantasy and seduction 

1-MILLION-INTENSE_PACKSHOT_RVBIt makes the world go round, arouses every envy, captures every heart and fans every desire. A snap of the fingers, a door-opener wielding all powers, as fantasy turns to reality. Flamboyance and opulence lie at the heart of 1 MILLION. And what are the virtues of this fragrance with worldwide success? An assumed excessive slant colored with irresistible humor, an addictive fragrance, a weapon of mass seduction, a mix of insolence and elegance.

1 MILLION: a man with sophisticated drop-dead charisma, a black and white seducer enhanced with gold.

Adding desire to the mix 

No-one can resist this charmer who lives however and wherever he likes. So when desire joins in, the tension rises, impatience grows and intensity reaches new heights. The new feature from Paco Rabanne, 1 MILLION INTENSE, unites all the attributes of seduction to write the script for a romantic game where daring and derision share the lead-roles with elegance and sensuality. Movie references abound to illustrate this new chapter in the MILLION saga.

Shooting : a scent of cinema
Designed and styled by the celebrated French illustrator François Avril, the figures of Dree Hemingway and Matt Gordon indulge in an intense game of seduction. Exquisite outlines. Filmed in black and white and inspired by cult moods and heroes from Hollywood, such as Goldfinger or The Thomas Crown Affair, the new campaign for 1 MILLION INTENSE 2 is an emphatic tribute to the 7th Art. Photographed by Nathaniel Goldberg with screenplay by Paul Gore, this new commercial takes us into a duel of seduction, to the rhythm of snaping fingers from Lady MILLION and 1 MILLION. Their image is caught up in a face-toface: pulsating, politically incorrect, sensual and intense.

Grand première: camera. Silence. Action!

With a simple snap of the fingers, 1 MILLION opens the door to a safe. Coiled up in an armchair, illuminated and flamboyant, Lady MILLION is waiting for him… Their eyes meet… A strap slips ingenuously down her shoulder.

1 MILLION suddenly sets up a partition screen. The lady starts to undress.
Snap. Snap. Snap…
A series of fingers snaps, her undressing speeds up. Naked, her body simply adorned in fine gold leaf, Lady MILLION presses up against her seducer wearing a tuxedo… before placing a hand over the indiscreet eye of the camera.

Freeze frame: the campaign’s visual shot by Nathaniel Goldberg
1 MILLION makes to snap his fingers. Behind him, Lady MILLION, the blond and gold muse, glances over her shoulder. The ingot bottle of 1 MILLION INTENSE, fanning the flames of fantasy, catches all our attention in the foreground.

Casting: a concentrate of sensuality
The searing, slightly citric top note plays on any number of spicy tones. Sweet cardamom, vying intensely with hot black pepper, mixes into sparkling blood mandarin. As if crying out for pleasure, mellow saffron and warm scents of nutmeg and cumin sensually wrap themselves around these contrasting notes. 3

Intense and refined, the heart has retained rose absolute and the zest of cinnamon with its delectable charm. To sweep away any resistance and sway the senses, there now comes the carnal suavity of sublime neroli.

Returning to the play on contrasts heralded by the top notes, the base daringly opts for unexpected woody encounters: the smooth presence of creamy sandalwood with the vibrant and textured character of spicy pepperwood. Luminous yellow leather casts light  on seductive butter of iris, giving the fragrance a distinctly sexy trail.

It’s in the box: a case named desire
The iconic ingot from designer Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance has retained its flamboyance and the logo hinting at the gold-rush legend and its Far West inspiration. Like riveted to the surface, the word “INTENSE” has been added to the bottle and the gold-colored box.

The shaded glass bottle is a little more opaque, to translate the intense character of this olfactory variation of 1 MILLION.
Gold, more gold, and yet more gold. For 1 MILLION INTENSE, the new chapter of the
MILLION saga, the fantasy reaches its climax.

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