Sospiro Brings ‘Anniversary’ Edition Perfume

A scented tribute to the United Arab Emirates, Sospiro launches Anniversary Edition perfume made with the most precious natural ingredients

Sospiro, the niche luxury fragrance house has launched the Anniversary Edition, a scented tribute to the UAE’s National Day. The creation of this special edition is based on the Sospiro Afgano Puro blend with an added gourmand character. Made with the most precious natural ingredients, the head notes reveal a divine mix of red fruits and almonds.

Enriched with davana and caramel in the heart, the fragrance leaves a sensual, sweet trail. Featuring a crystal flag flacon that is completely hand-made and masterly crafted, the stunning creation is a real tribute to the UAE and its anniversary, and is available exclusively at Paris Gallery.

Sospiro Anniversary AED 2600

Olfactory Notes of Anniversary Edition

Top: Red Berries, Almond, Herbal Notes

Heart: Cedar, Patchouli, Coconut

Base: Musk, Vanilla, Tobacco, Caramel

Available in 100 ml, retail price AED 2,600

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